Jester Hat for Adults

Being the butt of the joke stinks, unless you’re a jester. In which case, nothing accompanies a good jest like a wacky hat with bells.

Items Included
  • Jester Hat
  • Product colors may vary from the image
  • Plush black and white hat
  • Stuffed top dangles down sides and in back
  • Gold bells attached at each end
  • Approximately 23” circumference
  • Puts the joke on you


Sure you play the fool sometimes. But there is a difference between PLAYING the fool, and BEING the fool. And you know this difference well. The fool is the person who does things without thinking about them. The person playing the fool thinks long, and hard about the things that they do well in advance of doing them.But wearing a jester hat (this jester hat maybe?) is a good way to set yourself apart from the person who is the fool. You want everyone to know that playing the fool is just that, acting. And that you are an incredibly talented individual. Heck, you know how to juggle 6 daggers at once. Not just anyone can do that! Usually only those with jester hats on.