Jack-O-Lantern Dolomite Bowl Circus

Bring a little retro fun to Halloween with this Circus Jack-O-Lantern Dolomite Bowl . This candy bowl features an adorable Jack O’Lantern with a grin that will melt your heart, but not the candy.


Care to ShareLook at this happy jack-o-lantern. Do you see its bright eyes and goofy grin? Can you imagine what would make a carved-up pumpkin so excited?Some may say that smile is a ploy. After all, why would a pumpkin be okay with someone reaching inside and taking anything out? We, however, know different. You see, this jack-o-lantern saw the types of sweets that other decorative bowls were being filled with on Halloween, and they can’t wait to share everything they’ll have to offer this year’s batch of trick-or-treaters!Product DetailsExcite your trick-or-treaters with this Circus Jack-O-Lantern Bowl that’s bursting to give away some candy! The festive ceramic bowl offers a wide opening for every Halloween reveler to grab a treat from. Perfect for all your favorite treats, you can keep this grinning gourd around all season for every snack-filled movie night leading up to the ultimate candy event. Whether you plan to welcome trick-or-treaters or keep every sweet for yourself, this cheerful holiday decoration is a Halloween must-have!Delighted DecorationWhile most jack-o-lanterns have lids to keep their candles glowing and a stranger’s hands out, this peppy pumpkin is the exact opposite. This Jack-O-Lantern Bowl would like nothing more than to be filled with treats that are made for sharing. Add the delighted decoration to your display for a happier Halloween!