Dweeb Glasses

If you’re nerding out for Halloween than you’re going to want to accessorize with the Dweeb Glasses.

Items Included
  • Glasses
  • Plastic dweeb glasses
  • One size fits most


Cool to be SquareNerds used to be the outcasts. People used to try to hold the dorks down. Geek used to be an insult. These days, everything has changed!Being a nerd is cool. Some of the most successful people in the world are nerds. They’re founding tech companies, they’re creating some rad movies to watch on the silver screen, and they’re even setting trends these days! Don’t underestimate the passion of the modern day nerd! In fact, maybe you should be rocking some serious nerd style yourself! Maybe what you need is a pair of dorky glasses of your own.Product DetailsThese Dweeb Glasses have the classic look of the stereotypical nerd. They have clear lenses, thick black frames, and a circular style. One size fits most, so just slip them on and you’ll be a part of the nerd revolution!Where’s the Nerd?So, what are you going to do with your new Dweeb Glasses? Well, we have a couple of suggestions! You could head out to Silicon Valley and start a brand new tech company! You could even get outfitted with a red and white striped shirt and a matching hat as you travel the world, waiting for people to find you…