Deluxe Supergirl Cape: Experience Heroic Flight

This deluxe cape is the perfect accessory for your Supergirl outfit. You’ll be ready to go up, up, and away!


There’s something phenomenally regal about a good cape.Why else would all the greats have them? Batman, Dracula, Sith, Magneto, Elvis, and even wizards. Of course, when it comes to cape wearers, we’d be remiss if we forgot the most iconic characters of all: The Super gang. You know. Superman, Supergirl, Superwoman, and Superboy. That’s a whole lot of Super happening. And they all have those super red capes. Are you seeing the pattern? We are.If you intend to be Super, you’ll need a good cape too. Say our Deluxe Supergirl Cape. It’s an officially licensed polyester cape with a Supergirl patch on the back and Hook and Loop fastener closure for the neck. This is the perfect accessory to finish off your costume and make you look heroic. Yup, a good cape really makes a statement. It says: Hey, see this cape? It means I’m awesome… well Super. But you get the drift.