Deluxe Nightwing Men’s Costume: Channel Vigilante Style

Don’t settle for being just a side-kick, go out and fight crime on your own in this licensed Deluxe Nightwing Mens Costume.


One Man Wolf PackIt must be hard. He worked his entire life to bring criminals and villains to justice, but he always got labeled as just a sidekick. The “Boy Wonder” they’d call him, even as a full-grown man!  There goes Robin, Batman’s young ward. Well, eventually a guy just has to strike out on his own. He needs to step out of Batman’s shadow and do things his way. Besides, Bruce Wayne’s no-nonsense style has got to get old after a few years of being his partner! That’s how Nightwing was born! Free from his old moniker of Robin, he could now follow his own superhero path. He can be… a one-man wolfpack.Now, it’s time for you to step out of the shadows as well. You can strike out on your own as a superhero who no longer needs Batman’s help. You too can hold the mantle of Nightwing! You just need this officially licensed DC costume.Product DetailsBased on Dick Grayson’s appearances in the comic books, this Nightwing costume is a deluxe outfit that’s designed to make you look like the hero of Bludhaven. It comes with a black jumpsuit that has a blue “V” design on the chest. It also features a sculpted muscle chest in front and muscle padding in the sleeves to help give you a muscular appearance. It also has blue muscle contouring on the sleeves and the legs to create an almost comic book-like appearance. Finally, the mask helps you hide your secret identity from your foes! It’s a classic black mask and fits on your face with elastic.Solo Hero WorkWhen you head out in this iconic costume, you’ll feel like the solo hero that you are! Of course, you may want to take some acrobatic lessons and some advanced martial arts lessons before you start picking any fights with Deathstroke.