Deluxe Kansas Girl Plus Size Costume

Go on an adventure to find the great wizard in this exclusive Deluxe Kansas Girl Plus Size Costume. Available in 1X and 2X.


The Kansas Girl is cool. Beloved by all, she’s an icon to her fans. She has rural sensibilities but is always ready for a trip to the big city. Basically, she’s a big-time star!And, naturally, that’s why you’d like to be her this Halloween. Great choice! The Kansas Girl might make her home on the great plains of the Midwest, but you can bring her to your hometown with this Plus Size Deluxe Kansas Girl Costume. She’s usually seen with her pup on her arm, and she’s almost always done up in gingham. And when you get this costume, you’ll be ready for the party, just like her!We made and designed this costume right here in our own costume studios. The ensemble includes a dress and hair bows (the dog-in-basket accessory is sold separately). The one-piece dress is a lovely light-blue and white gingham, styled as a pinafore over a white blouse that features cap sleeves, a high collar, and gingham trim. A detailed eyelet hem edging adds a signature touch of style, and with the ribbons tied in your ponytail or wig, you too will have the style of the famed Kansas Girl!