Deluxe Child Joker Costume: Embody Villainous Persona

Get ready to cause some chaos in Gotham City in this Deluxe Child Joker Costume. This is a great costume to go face to face with Batman in.


The Batman wouldn’t be half as well known if it wasn’t for the Joker. The Joker is like the yin to Batman’s yang. They balance each other out. Batman keeps the Joker in check, and Joker makes Batman a better super hero. Batman wouldn’t be half the hero he is without the Joker.Which is probably why the Joker is one of our favorite villains of all time. Not only is he dangerous and keeps Batman on his toes (providing Batman with an actual opponent), he’s got a serious sense of flair and style as well. Do you know any other villain that can pull off clown make-up, a crazy cackling laughter, a morbid sense of humor, and still be the most terrifying guy in the room? We thought not. As villains go, Joker is the best for sure: smart, conniving, surprising, and evil.Which is why we totally approve of your kid wanting to be the Joker. Well, not being the Joker (no blowing up hospitals!) but dressing up as him at least. Gotham needs an agent of chaos after all! Our Deluxe Joker Costume ought to do nicely. There’s a purple jacket/vest combo, shirt insert, pinstriped pants and molded vinyl face mask so your kid can look just like the Dark Knight’s Joker. They just need to practice their scar story and a couple of magic tricks with pencils and they’ll be like mini Heath Ledgers! Just, please, make sure they stay away from hospitals.