Deadpool Costume for Women: Mercenary Style Reinvented

Become everyone’s favorite sarcastic superhero in this Women’s Deadpool Costume. This red and black, form fitting suit is perfect for any Marvel fan.


Deadpool Welcomes AllDeadpool doesn’t discriminate. Yes, he’s a dude, but he still understands that EVERYONE wants to be just like him. Men want to be like him. Women want to be like him. Aliens want to be like him and just about everything in between wants to be like him. He gets it. That’s why he commissioned this Deadpool Costume for women. You see, he wanted to make sure that women had a costume to help them be more like him. (He’s currently working on more costume choices, including an option for residents of Duckworld.)If you’ve been waiting for your chance to be just like your favorite Mutant, then this Deadpool costume for women is a great option.Product DetailsThis officially licensed Deadpool suit comes with plenty of great details! The jumpsuit is made out of a spandex-blend fabric that stretches to give a form fit. It fits with a zipper in the back for fitting. The bright red color looks like it was taken straight from the pages of the comic book. It features the black accents along the sides of the outside to contrast the bright red. The belt is made of a faux leather material and features Deadpool symbol in the center. The wrist length gloves and shoe covers are a matching red material to help you give that Merc with a Mouth look. Finally, the hood completes the costume with iconic Deadpool style with a ponytail hole in the top to match the comic book version of Wanda Wilson, Lady Deadpool.The Deadest of PoolsWhether you want to start your own mercenary business or you just want to represent as your favorite Marvel comic book character, this Deadpool costume is a great way to do it. Pair it up with a toy katana and you’ll be all set for the next mission.