DC Super Hero Girls Roleplay Wonder Woman Gauntlet

DC Super Hero Girls Roleplay Wonder Woman Gauntlet will have your little one leaping into play time with the Wonder Woman get up!


The Relics of the GodsWonder Woman was bestowed her gifts from the mysterious island of Themyscira and the ancient gods of Olympus that watch over the amazon warrior women there. But, many of her iconic artifacts were gifts of the gods, too! The lasso of truth is pretty handy and a good sword and shield make sure that Wonder Woman can bring justice to the school every day! But, it’s really her magical bracers and circlet that make Diana recognized wherever she goes!  Product DetailsComplete the set of divine gear granted to Wonder Woman with this officially licensed DC Super Hero Girls Roleplay Wonder Woman Gauntlet. This three-piece toy accessory set includes an elastic headband styled after Wonder Woman’s circlet and two wristlets that fit with elastic. One features a receptacle for the included three darts and a lever to send them soaring at the villains that threaten your tyke’s fun. Perfect for a standalone toy or to really put the finishing touches on a Wonder Woman costume. Fashion with a SurpriseWhen your kiddo is dressed up from head to toe in a Wonder Woman costume, they’ll feel like the genuine hero they are. But that’s nothing compared to the moment when they pull the lever of this Wonder Woman Gauntlet and let their dart of justice fly! Help your tyke feel like the real Wonder Woman and bring their cosplay together!