Crazy Cat Lady Costume For Women

You says you can’t be funny for Halloween? Wear this Women’s Crazy Cat Lady Costume and you’ll definitely get some attention. Don this fuzzy robe and let your love for cats be known.

Items Included
  • Shirt
  • Mask
  • 100% super soft polyester
  • All over print of cats
  • Pullover mask has mesh eyes holes that allow limited vision


Your Dream Come TruePeople love to tease and joke about the crazy cat lady trope. “I’m on my way to becoming that crazy cat lady!” someone might say as they adopt another cat. Or maybe you’ve overheard something. “I hear that Mr. Benson owns seven cats! That’s crazy cat lady levels!” There isn’t really any truth to this stereotype. However, there have been cases of infected cat poo leading to Toxoplasmosis in their owners, but “crazy” behavior hasn’t really been proven in connection with the parasite. But we’re not here for science! We’re here for costumes! Bring out your inner cat lady with this Women’s Crazy Cat Lady Costume.Product DetailsThis pullover tunic costume is easy to wear while still having all of the batty (or should we say catty!) details you’re looking for. The entire costume is covered in a massive graphic of a pink bathrobe with cats hanging all over it. “I am Purrfect just the way I am,” says the back of the robe, part of it obscured by a cat clawing its way up the fabric. The included mask is also a 360 item. Just pull it on, and you will become the wrinkly, wizened cat lady you were always destined to be. There are mesh eyeholes, but be aware that it will make seeing difficult! Add some slippers and a cat themed mug, and you are ready to shuffle off to your event.Purring with SatisfactionThis outfit is a whole look! Put it on, and you’re already 95% of the way there. Please note that we do not include real cats with this costume, so if you want a super authentic look, you’ll have to find one on your own. Something tells us that there’s a good chance that a cat or two (or seven) reside in your home!