Clown Joker Mask: Channel the Mischief and Mayhem

Use your abilities to become the criminal mastermind and chemical expert with this Joker Clown Mask.


The Clown Prince of HalloweenGotham has more villains to choose from than a box of crayons has colors. Yet, just like colors, everyone has their favorite villain from Gotham city. One of our favorites and probably the most iconic villain to come from Batman’s hometown is the infamous Joker. From his pale white skin and bright green hair to his maniacal laugh and hauntingly playful voice, the Joker is simply unforgettable. Once someone sees this villainous clown, whether it’s in the comics, on the TV or in the movies, they never forget him. Now you can be unforgettable this Halloween when you complete your costume with this Villain Joker Clown Mask!Why be the hero and dress up as ol’ Batsy again this year when you can have way more fun playing the villain. They say blonds have more fun but it’s green-haired people that have the MOST fun. Just ask the Joker. With a smile like his, you know he’s got to be having the time of his life! Grab a snazzy purple suit, perfect your impression of the classic Joker laugh, and complete your transformation with this Villain Joker Clown Mask. If you run into any Batman posers out on the street, show them what “clowning around” really means!