Classic Sexy Wonder Lady Costume for Women: Captivating Look

POW! This Women’s Classic Sexy Wonder Lady costume definitely packs a punch.


While Betsy Ross might have designed the first USA flag with thirteen stars in a circle, we feel that a few more stars does us good. Take the shorts on this Classic Sexy Wonder Lady costume for instance. Thirteen stars in a circle? No way, that would have looked terrible. So instead, we chose to smother the blue shorts with white stars. And added a little gold for extra flair.And what self-respecting lady doesn’t want a cape? Everybody wants a cape. We are wearing a cape right now, even though our bosses keep reminding us that we can’t fly, and therefore shouldn’t jump off the tables in the break room. This flashy red cape is just the thing to give you the confidence to make your own leap. Our bosses would also like to inform you that buying a cape here doesn’t give you the ability to fly either.Bring the whole outfit together and you are the most kick-butt hero ever. And stylish to boot. (Hey that was kind of punny.) You’ll be asked to join the League of Due Process in no time. You might have to deal with a bunch of whiny dudes, but the bling that comes with being in a league with a billionaire might make it worth it. Besides with your sass, you’ll be able to whip them into shape. So, don’t be afraid. Put on this Classic Sexy Wonder Lady outfit and flaunt your ability to make bad guys see stars. Lots of stars, not just thirteen like Betsy Ross.