Child Black Superhero Gloves: Supercharge Their Costume

Add this pair of exclusive Child Black Superhero Gloves to his super suit for a complete look.


Your child will love getting his or her hands on a pair of gloves that will make them feel like an invincible superhero. Whether they can fly, shoot beams out of their hands, or just have an arsenal of gadgets up their sleeves, they’ll love showing all the bad guys of the world that they’re ready to kick butt!That said, in black, with the flare, these gloves are leaning a little more toward the supervillain side if our spider-senses are anything to go by. Unless your child is joining the borderline-goth Batfamily, a request for these gloves means they might be more attracted to the intimidating fashion senses of Magneto, Loki, and Doctor Doom than the colorful goody two-shoes. But who can blame them? The bad guys always have so much fun, and look great doing it! As long as they don’t start robbing any banks, opening blue portals to other realms, kidnapping their enemies’ helpless loved ones and issuing ultimatums, or mailing in applications to the Legion of Doom, you shouldn’t worry too much.