Captain America 24″ Shield: Heroic Oversized Defensive Gear

Would Captain America really be Captain America without his shield? Complete your Captain America costume this Halloween season with this Captain America: Civil War 24 inch Shield.


Let’s face it. Vibranium isn’t just lying around on the streets, so making your own 100% accurate Captain America Shield may not be the easiest task in the world. Actually, it’s probably not the easiest task in the Marvel Universe either, since no one has been able to perfectly recreate the vibranium-alloy seen in the comics. Does that mean you should give up on making your Civil War themed costume? Should you just give up on trying to be just like Steve Rogers? NO! Of course, not! In fact, we’re here to help you out with that goal.This Captain America: Civil War Shield may not be made of any vibranium alloys (sorry, it’s plastic), but it does recreate Steve’s signature shield from the movie. With a red and silver metallic paint job, this thing is a full 24” of movie accurate goodness. Pair it up with your superhero costume and you’re guaranteed a look that looks ready to rumble against Iron Man and his crew. And when we get our hands on some real vibranium, we’ll give you heads up!