Black Silver Lurex Shimmer Ankle Socks

Get ready for a night of disco with these Black Silver Lurex Shimmer Ankle Socks. They feature black a silver luxe glitter that will have you dancing all night long.


Cold FeetCan you imagine landing on Earth after a lifetime spent exploring distant galaxies? We assume it would take some time to adjust to a terrestrial life. You’d be taken out of the stars and left to see them only at night, and only if the sky was clear and far enough from the city lights. The magic of starlight would feel so far away.If we were Aliens visiting Earth, we assume we’d severely miss being able to take a spacewalk among the stars. We also assume that we prepared to make that sacrifice—our visit would have been an assignment to gather vital data about humans—but we still think it would be nice to be given a link to our old starlit ways.Product DetailsIf we found ourselves on an Alien welcoming committee, we’d probably bring a pair of these Black and Silver Shimmer Socks as a gift for our visitors. We’re not 100% that an Alien’s feet would fit in traditional human socks, but we think it’s a safe gesture to offer these one-size fits most socks. Plus, the silver thread woven into the inky black base will make it easy for an Alien guest to keep walking in the stars while they stay with us—a comfort otherwise hard to find.Walk Among StarsWhether you’re looking to jazz up an out of this world outfit or offering Alien visitors a gift, these flashy socks will bring the stars down to Earth. Wherever you go, with a pair of these Shimmer Ankle Socks, you’ll look like you’re walking on stars.