Black Panther Men’s Premium Costume: Wakandan Heroic Look

Become the prince of Wakanda in the officially licensed Black Panther Men’s Premium Costume.


A King’s Impact Nobody rises to the station of a king without eventually doing something that will make the history books. Of course, many of them get their names discussed for all sorts of problematic behavior. (We’re looking at you, Henry VII!) Others are there because they’ve not only inspired their own people but the whole world. Whether it was confronting supervillains who threatened the world or taking a stand against injustice near and far, none can deny the reach of T’Challa of Wakanda!Even without the power of the Black Panther and the blessings of the Heart-Shaped Herb, T’Challa has what it takes to inspire everyone from Shuri to the locals of the states to rise up and make the world a better place. (We suspect even a few of the Chitauri would have eventually come around.) If that’s the kind of legacy that you’d like to adopt, we’ve got good news. The mantle of the Black Panther is there for anyone with the strength of heart! Product DetailsUntil your shipment of the Heart-Shaped Herb arrives, start your heroic story by climbing into this Premium Black Panther costume. This officially licensed look is a padded jumpsuit with details that bring the Marvel Cinematic Universe character right out of the screen and into your life. Boot covers and claw-decorated gloves as well as the detail of the Black Panther’s necklace accentuate the look while the Black Panther mask completes your transformation. Celebrate WakandaIt’s Wakanda forever for sure when you suit up in the iconic look of the Black Panther. Whether you’re inspiring your tribes, knocking Thanos to the floor, or honoring the ultimate in African heroes, your time in this costume is sure to make your own history books. (Just make sure that Shuri doesn’t upstage you too much.)