Batman Forever Men’s Plus Size Two-Face Premium Costume

The officially licensed Batman Forever Men’s Plus Size Two-Face Premium Costume will turn you into one of Batman’s biggest enemies! Heads or tails?


Sweet and SourThere are two sides to you. Well, there are two sides to most people but it’s more distinctive with you. You’re as smooth and sweet as freshly churned ice cream when it comes to meeting your boss and you really know how to make a great impression on your friends’ parents. But the other side of you just wants to have fun, and it’s really great at making some wild memories! Your second half has commandeered the announcement microphone at the dollar store for a karaoke session. It’s stolen lawn gnomes and prank called the mayor. Sure, maybe your unhinged half hasn’t taken over half of Gotham, but we still think your varied personality would be the perfect shoo-in for the legendary character, Two-Face!Product DetailsThis wild look brings The Batman Forever version of Two-Face to life! The suit looks right at home in a court of law on one side and is wildly striped in hot pink animal print on the other. You’ll feel ready to flip a coin and see what the fates have in store as soon as you slip into this suit. Just make certain that you apply Two-Face’s makeup or use one of our sweet masks to make your look complete!