Batgirl Classic Series Grand Heritage Costume: Timeless Attire

Bad guys know you’re not messing around when you’re wearing the Batgirl classic series Grand Heritage costume. Even Barbara Gordon’s probably a little jealous of this version of her outfit.


“You don’t know it, Commissioner Gordon, but your daughter’s got a date with action.” Batgirl is always at the ready to take on any bad guy who comes her way. More than just a sidekick, Batgirl has her own unique approach to crime-fighting that, love it or leave it, gets her noticed.Gotham City has its share of villains who go around causing all kinds of havoc and Batman and Robin can’t always be there to save the day. In those cases there is one person to call when the caped crusaders are in too much trouble, Batgirl! She will always be there to save the citizens of Gotham from the dastardly plans of the Riddler and Joker. Now you can look just like Batgirl from the classic ’60s TV series with this authentic costume.This officially licensed Batgirl costume is perfect as a solo superhero costume or with a group of Batman costumes for Halloween. The costume comes with everything you need to get a fabulous look that’s ready to take to the streets. The look starts with a sparkly purple jumpsuit with Batgirl’s iconic yellow bat on the chest. A matching purple fabric cape is also included and has a yellow lining that really makes it pop. A sparkly yellow fabric belt with foam yellow squares adorns the jumpsuit for added detail and it features a Batgirl symbol buckle. Matching purple gloves have spikes on the side so she can defend herself from every angle and get her signature hair with the included red wig with an attached Batgirl mask. Add a pair of superhero boots for the complete look!