Ant-Man Child Wasp Gloves: Enhance Your Heroic Costume

Complete your child’s Wasp costume from the Marvel movie Ant-Man with this pair of black wasp costume gloves.


SIZING STRATEGIESWe were planning on offering you a fantastic pair of gloves made by Marvel’s own Hank Pym. As part of a set that utilizes the Pym Particles to grow and shrink to amazing proportions, we were sure that they’d be great for any adult who was looking to really make a huge (or precise) impact upon the world. Unfortunately, we overlooked one little issue. Turns out that the gloves can shrink if you’re not careful about how long you soak them in the Pym Particles!PRODUCT DETAILSWe know that shrinking gloves are only supposed to shrink when they’re being worn, so we thought that this whole situation had gotten completely out of hand. Fortunately, they’re now perfectly sized for your kiddo! So, enjoy these Wasp Gloves from the iconic Ant-Man series! We know that they’re not going to be shrinking down to infant size, so your kiddo will be able to enjoy these black and silver gloves!FOR A WHILE, AT LEAST…Your kiddo is going to love feeling a part of the Marvel Universe when they wear these officially licensed Wasp Gloves. They will at least until they grow out of them… but we hope that they do that naturally.