Adult Tooth Costume

You will never forget to brush or floss with this one! Our Adult Tooth Costume offers the right amount of dental hygiene and comfort for any occasion.

Items Included
  • Tunic
  • 100% polyester
  • Foam-backed tunic has back zipper
  • Shoulders can be stuffed w/ tissue if desired to hold shape
  • Exclusive


A Brush with DangerCan you imagine what it would be like to be a tooth? There are no other body parts that are crowded around their other counterparts. Fingers have room to breathe, toes have a little elbow room even if they’re in a shoe, but teeth are all up against each other in a dark, crowded room. Those pearly whites have got to get along! From the morals to the canines, they spend all their time together. And while they eat well, they see a lot of danger along the way.Remember all the times your mom told you not to open wrappers with your teeth? Yeah, those were nightmare moments for your chompers. And then there were the times you chewed on ice cubes or muscled your way through a toffee candy bar, all were times of trial for your mouth. And yet, your pearly whites didn’t give up on you! Do you want to celebrate all the adventures that your ivories have helped you through? Slip into this tooth tunic and your mouth is sure to feel appreciated!Design & DetailsThis brilliant white tooth tunic is Made by Us. It’s easy to slip into this disguise as it zips up the back. The foam-backed tunic has a tooth while the shoulders can be stuffed for a healthy-looking moral shape. Light-weight and foldable, this costume can be stashed for many costumed occasions to come!Put a Smile OnThis costume is a great choice for dentists and smile enthusiasts. While we won’t suggest eating sticky candy in public while wearing this costume because that would be a very bad influence. Whether you’re dressing up for an oral health presentation or you just want to get a little mouthy on Halloween, you’re sure to love rocking this toothsome costume!