3 Piece Tombstone Bed Halloween Decoration

Turn your yard into a boneyard with our 3 Piece Tombstone Bed. Comes with three grave markers to deaden up your lawn.

Items Included

  • 3-Piece Tombstone


  • 3 molded foam pieces painted to look like weathered stone
  • Headboard fits into slot on base
  • Footboard fits over edge of base
  • Measures approx. 22″L x 19″W x 21″H when assembled


Sedentary CemetaryResting in peace is the goal. When you bury someone, you really don’t want them to get up and walk around. Not only is that unsettling for us living folks but it also interrupts that perfect cemetery turf. And tell you what, that’s just not cool. Halloween graveyards often have this problem, a green ghoulish hand is always popping up somewhere or the other. Maybe we’re setting up our seasonal graveyards all wrong. Make sure your spirits really get a good rest when you set up this tombstone bed. It’ll give any cemetery neighbor true peace of mind!Product DetailsThis ancient looking tombstone set is ready to be set up in three moves. The foot has an elegant scrolling pattern, the flat part has a cross while the headstone has a lovely skull with R.I.P. written on it to remind the dead what the cemetery rules are. A Jaw-dropping DisplayWant a graveyard look that’ll make a skeleton want to drop by and hang? Make your place dreadful yet elegant with other eerie details such as a skeleton or foglight to get the right feel for your seasonal display. Why not become the host with all the ghosts!