24″ Skeleton Dragon Prop Halloween Decoration

Make your home a little spookier with this 24 inch Skeleton Dragon Prop. This skeleton dragon is sure to bring a little flair to any living area.


A Fine Familiar FriendAre you are a wizard who is seeking a mystical companion to keep you company? Maybe you’re an ancient lich who finds that living familiars are just a little too spooked by your unnatural might. Or, just maybe, you’re a living human who wants to decorate their house for Halloween with some truly fantastic finds. For all these options and more, boy do we have the thing that will set your heart on fire! Product DetailsIt’s time to bring a little fantasy to your home in the form of this Skeletal Dragon Prop. This is a dragon skeleton made from molded plastic. It stands just under a foot tall and is two feet in length from head to tail. The jaw and wings move so you can position your dragon in a few different postures. The wings have up to an 18″ wingspan as well. Perfect for your spooky wizard laboratory or a way to give your Halloween decorations an epic twist. Fire and Flight Not IncludedOf course, the risk of bringing a little dragon into your home is watching them knock over everything while flying and igniting your curtains when you’re not looking. Fortunately, undead dragons are far less likely to cause those problems!