21″ Prop Mermaid Skeleton Halloween Decoration

Make your Halloween a mythical one with this 21″ Prop Mermaid Skeleton!


Swimming in SpookyThe other day we were shocked to find out that many people are of the belief that mermaids don’t celebrate Halloween. This couldn’t be more wrong. Do people just think that mermaids don’t like to have fun? In fact, mermaids go all out when it comes to all sorts of celebrations! They create seaweed Christmas trees in wintertime. They dye caviar at Easter. But Halloween really goes above and beyond. This year, our local mermaid community is hosting their party in a sunken ship. They hire minnows to stir up the sand to create a spooky fog effect and play eerie whale noises all night. An eerie mermaid skeleton put together with old fishbones and sunken sailor parts is sure to make jaws drop. It’ll be the star fright of the night! And while we’re not going to use their real-life handmade version of the skeleton mermaid, we wouldn’t mind using their idea for our landlocked spook-fest. Product DetailsThis Halloween prop will bring a little under-seas flair to your party this year! at just under two feet, this skeleton has all the elements of a fishtail with a little human torso. Perfect for pirate themed parties or undersea themed events, this unique prop is sure to cause some laughs!