Wonder Woman Superhero Cape: Unleash Your Inner Heroine

Every great hero needs a superhero cape. This Wonder Woman Cape will complete your costume and make soaring through the sky look even cooler!


We’ll be honest… we’re not selling this cape to folks who just want to use it to keep warm. Or those who are simply interested in fashion. No, we’ve got one very specific customer in mind: Wonder Woman. You’re the only one who can wear it. In a deep red and with the signature double “W” on the back, there’s no one else it would look good on. So if you’re going for that classic “Wonder Woman” look, this officially licensed Wonder Woman Cape is the finishing touch you need!It’s a great accessory to a great superhero costume (oops, we mean “crimefighting outfit”… don’t worry, we know you’re the real deal), but don’t forget to look at the rest of our Wonder Woman selection. After all, what would she be without the sweet knee-high boots and Lasso of Truth? Just don’t forget to start with this awesome Wonder Woman Cape!