Wonder Woman Dawn of Justice Adult Sword: Be Your Own Warrior

Slay the badguys from other planets with this official Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Adult Sword from Batman v Superman.


No one likes it when an alien monster attacks Metropolis. Well, okay, so maybe Lex Luthor and the monster are pretty happy about wanton destruction on one of Earth’s most heavily populated metro areas, but no one else is really all that cool about it. Especially not Wonder Woman. With Batman and Superman busy butting heads with each other (come on guys, get it together!), it falls to none other than the Amazonian princess herself to stop Doomsday’s relentless rampage. Of course, when facing a villain as tough and hideous as Doomsday, it’s always a good idea to bring a good weapon along for the ride and since Batman has dibs on all the Kryptonite toys, Diana puts her trust into good old fashioned weapons forged in the heart of Themyscria! That’s right, she’s brought her sword to clobber injustice and she’s not afraid to use it.This Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman Sword brings the legendary DC superhero’s weapon from Batman v Superman! It’s made of molded plastic, so it might not be able to slash through monstrosities made by a rich corporate mogul, but it does make you feel powerful enough to take down any foe at a costume party. The sword has a comfortable size that makes a nice wooshing noise as you swing it through the air and sometimes that’s more than enough to ward of the baddies. Who knows? Once you have this licensed accessory in your hands, you might even feel the urge to lead a new Justice League of your own.