Women’s Spiderman Costume: Embrace the Web-Slinging Adventure

This is a Women’s Spider-man Costume that features a webbed red torso with spider and attached blue skirt with long blue sleeves and mask.


Skip the Spider BiteIt’s not fair. Radioactive spiders don’t just fall from the sky, granting superpowers to anyone who’s gets bitten. Well… actually, spiders raining down from the heavens sounds a little like something out of a nightmare, so we’re kind of glad that it doesn’t work that way. And getting bitten by a spider would probably be pretty painful… still, we’re bummed that getting superpowers isn’t exactly easy. That means that Peter Parker is the only one who will ever be able to do what a spider can, aside from Gwen Stacy and Mile Morales in other Marvel universes. We’ll never get our chance to be a superhero!Then again, who needs to get bitten by a spider when you can just wear this women’s Spider-Man costume? You can still look like a superhero, even if you don’t have all of the superpowers of Peter Parker. This costume has everything you need to get that look!Product DetailsThis women’s Spider-Man costume lets you dress up like Marvel’s number one wall-crawler! The costume comes with a spandex blend dress that’s the classic red and blue colors of Spidey’s signature costume. The front has spider web patterns along with a big black spider printed onto the front. The arms and skirt portion are a metallic blue and the skirt even has a thigh slit as a stylish touch. Of course, you’ll want to protect your secret identity, so this costume comes with an eye mask. That way you can protect your friends and family from Green Goblin’s nefarious plans, since he’ll never know who “Spider-Man” really is underneath the mask.Feel Like a HeroThis Spider-Man costume dress will have you feeling ready to battle against any supervillain. And the best part? You never even have to get bitten by a nasty radioactive spider to feel that way!