Women’s Sexy Sidekick Costume: Join the Superhero Adventure

Tell that crime riddled city to watch out, you’re ready to take those villains down a peg. Yeah, they don’t call you a side ‘kick’ for nothing!


The world is starting to look pretty freaking dark with each coming day. We always expected some dark tragedy coming out of the grim streets of Gotham, but when those crazy criminals start spreading out of cities frequently protected by caped crusaders, the heroes that would otherwise stop the arch villains need just a bit more help then usual. After all, with such an endless stream of villainy that could crop up at any moment, how is a superhero supposed to keep their secret identities secret while also showing up in gallant form!? We don’t all have the supersonic speed of Supes or the Flash. Some of us have to rely on our standard, every day astonishing acrobatic maneuvers and fighting prowess!Fortunately, the Super Hero Club of America is quick to recruit from the skilled folks throughout the world to help fill their ranks and they’ve offered some spare equipment from the existing heroes to help us do exactly that. We’ve got the gear if you’ve got the gusto and, from your keen eye, it is clear that you know exactly what you’re looking for! Thanks to some advanced technology, we can offer the needed armory without requiring the extensive and time consuming process of making sure each bulletproof plate is buckled in and every carbonfiber strap is properly laced.Now you can also leap into the fray and go toe-to-toe with the Caped Crusader himself with this Women’s Sexy Sidekick costume. The iconic dynamic duo just got a whole lot better thanks to this ribbed corset in the bright red style of the most famous superhero side kick of the crime fighting world, complete with adjustable snaps in the rear and the hero’s R and utility belt décor. The green shorts have been exchanged for an even more comfortable green ruffle skirt and the vivid yellow cape near completes the look. Don’t forget your eye mask as your secret identity is going to be crucial, especially when you quickly prove that you’re as much a hero as Bats could ever be!