Women’s Plus Size Pretty Pixie Costume

Dress up like the stuff of fairy tales, in this Women’s Plus Size Pretty Pixie Costume. Complete with wings and a sexy dress, featuring shine and lace to dazzle all those you gaze upon you.


Faith and Trust and Fairy Dust!We’ve got to say, we’re pretty jealous of pixies. For one thing, they always look super cute as they flutter around in their green dresses and cute pom pom accessories. For two, they can fly. For three, they have easy access to pixie dust, and that would be so convenient. Just imagine how many problems you could solve if you had magic dust that could make things fly: Is someone parked in your parking spot? Just sprinkle some pixie dust on their car and let it float away, leaving your spot perfectly empty for you! Is there a really big line at the movie theater? A little pixie dust will make the rest of the folks ahead of you float away, so you can snag the best seats. Even lugging groceries up to your third story apartment would be easier, since you could sprinkle on the dust, let them go, run upstairs, and catch them out your front window. Life would be so easy!Product DetailsUnfortunately, we can’t get you any pixie dust, but we can offer the next best thing with this Women’s Plus Size Pretty Pixie Costume. The enchanting stretchy green costume is made out of 100 percent polyester and covered in sparkly sequin detailing. There’s a zipper down the center back for easy wear, along with regular straps and sheer off-the-shoulder straps as well. The costume also comes with green poms that have clips to secure them to your shoes, as well as a ribbon for your hair. Of course, no fairy costume is complete without beautiful wings, and this costume has you covered with sheer, green-edged wings that have clear, adjustable shoulder straps. Now all you need is some pixie dust, and you’ll be good to go!A Real Life Fairy TaleBring a little magic to your next costume party with this enchanting costume!