Women’s Plus Ain’t Afraid of No Wolf Costume

Show no fear with this Women’s Plus Size Ain’t Afraid of No Wolf Costume. Pretty sure no one will bother you while you carry your axe around.


Forest For the TreesWhat happened at Grandma’s house was messed up. There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it. And it took a while for Little Red Ridinghood to recover. She stuck to the village and kept herself occupied. She read all the manuscripts in the tiny medieval library and got really good at candle making. Then one day she picked up a new hobby. The local lumberjack left his ax wedged into his chopping trunk when he went in for lunch. Red picked up the deserted ax and gave it a toss and it ended up hitting a pine tree right in the middle of its knot. After that, Little Red never looked back. She was all about precision. She got her very own ax and won nearly every ax throwing competition in the area. It wasn’t long before she felt confident enough to not only venture back into the forest but to also move in with her ol’ Granny to keep her safe. And while we were quite happy for the newly tough storybook heroine, we can’t help but feel just a little nervous for the wolves in Granny’s neighborhood. Product DetailsThis costume treads the line of modern and fashionable with a classic storybook look. This costume has a lovely off-shoulder top with blousy sleeves and ruffles around the neckline. It’s layered under a lace-up faux leather vest . A soft red cape is tied at the neck to make your character hit home!Partners in StorytimeAre you ready to amp up this classic fairytale? Finish off this costume with our ax prop and a pair of faux leather leggings or your favorite torn-up skinny jeans. Heading out with a friend or partner? Lay off your feud with the wolf for the night when you introduce your Halloween partner to our wolf costumes. Should be a howling good time!