Women’s Lightning Queen Costume: Electrify Your Unique Style

Own Halloween night as a fierce superhero with the Women’s Lightning Queen Costume!


Thunderstorm timeSquad goals? Rolling into the next big battle on the dark clouds of a big ol’ thunderstorm. Feel our vibe? Yeah, we think you know exactly what we’re talking about. We’re thinking you oughta harness the power of weather!That’s right, you can be tough lady who’s got special powers. Wind, rain, thunder, and lightning, oh yeah. You’ll be just the thing to save the day against abhorrent villains abound, so long as you prepare for your mission with the utmost style. You’ve got to have the look just right. And we have just the thing. We even added a little pizazz. So much so, that we named it the Lightning Queen Costume!Yeah, we know, we didn’t come up with the idea ourselves, but we are sure that wearing the slick outfit come Halloween is gonna be one heck of a cool time. Sexy, stylish, and downright electric if we may say so, you’re sure to steal the show with this style!Product DetailsThis scintillating costume is styled as a halter top romper. Wet look finish black vinyl is accented with gold vinyl trim, and it features a red jewel attached in the front. (Maybe that’s how you get your superpowers!) A drape attaches in the back, and it connects to gold wristbands that slip over your wrist. It also has gold armbands and thigh bands. The knee high boots we have it pictured with are sold separately, but highly recommended for the full effect!Fly high!Imagine yourself soaring high above the scene at a superpowered sapiens showdown, and you’ll be primed for an action-packed Halloween adventure. Of course, we always recommend having backup, so be sure to shop our other superhero costumes to get a friend or partner in on the fun!