Women’s Crush on You Costume

Walk into Halloween like the true star that you are in the Women’s Crush on You Costume.


The Wild 90sThe 90s were fun, but they couldn’t last forever. Boy bands were getting out of control, Y2K threatened to end the world as we knew it, and wearing a backpack on one shoulder is bad for your back. And tube tops? The jury is still out on whether or not those were a good idea! Those things just had to go… but not EVERYTHING has to go! Remember the wild outfits that celebrities used to wear to award shows? They’d scheme a new look with each event, trying to wear something to completely show up the stars from the last show. That? Well, that was magnificent. It’s about time we brought some of that unchecked audacity! What better way than by wearing this rather bold look!Product DetailsThis Crush on You Costume brings you a look that’s designed to bring the decade to an end with a bang! The costume recreates the wild style of the late 90s, so you can leave your mark on this decade. It comes with a purple jumpsuit with flared pant legs and a single sleeve for your right arm. The bust line is asymmetric and is intended to expose the left breast. The costume also comes with a purple, heart-shaped pasty to cover up with. The wristlet adds a final splash of color to your left arm, completing the outfit with an unmistakable 90s fashion sense. Pair it up with a defiant attitude and a vibrant hair color to really take your look to the next level.Time for Some AwardsWhile the 90s may be long gone, those lively years don’t have to be forgotten! You can bring back the brazen style of celebrities of the decade with this daring outfit. Who knows! You may even be asked to present an award with a famous soul singer when you have this outfit on!