Vintage Prisoner Men’s Plus Size Costume

Feel what it was like to be a part of the original chain gangs in this exclusive Mens Vintage Prisoner Plus Size Costume. This costume features a vintage black and white striped prisoner outfit with matching hat. Available in 2X.


Welp, you did it. You got yourself locked up. And not only did you commit the crime to do the hard time, but somehow, the judge saw fit to not only sentence you to prison time, he thought you needed just a little extra penalty for committing your crime. He sentenced you to serve time back in 1914!Yup, one quick time warp later, there you are doing hard time in an old timey prison, and you’ve got to figure out a way to fit in quick. Let us suggest making one quick purchase for your trip in time to do hard time… this men’s vintage prisoner plus size costume!Styled just like the kind of gear that was used in jails and prisons of yesteryear, this ensemble will have you ready to work in a chain gang, or to serve your sentence in a prison like Alcatraz. With a shirt, pants, and pillbox hat styled in a white with faded grey stripes motif, this ensemble has everything you need to look prison bound.Hopefully you can just use this costume as a fun Halloween look, but if you do think you might have to serve out your sentence, you might also want to consider grabbing some plastic wrist shackles or a ball and chain accessory. Should you decide to break out and go on the lam, having plastic chains to break out of will be much easier than steel ones!