Toddler Secret Agent Man

Your little one is ready for a top-secret mission. Suit up with the Toddler Secret Agent Man Costume.


It’s Top Secret, BabyWe grow up watching secret agents. Everyone is familiar with James Bond, Britian’s most famous agent. Those who were kids in the 1990s and 2000s might remember the Spy Kids franchise, where a couple of siblings work together to save the day—with the help of some cool gadgets, of course. And even if action movies aren’t your favorite, you can see why spies are such popular characters. Secrecy mixed with action, high tech gadgets, plots to unravel…there’s something for everyone! Is your little one sneaking around the house, humming their favorite spy tune? Then check out our Toddler Secret Agent Man Costume!Product DetailsThis all black ensemble definitely says “secret agent” to us! Designed and made by us at, we made sure to include plenty of suave details. The highlight of this costume is the trench coat, which has extra buttons for a faux double-breasted appearance and a wide fabric belt. The velvety hat also has fabric trim atop the brim. Your child will delight in the sunglasses and included stick-on mustache, too! The earpiece and suitcase are not included, but you can find the earpiece on our website! You can also pair this look with some top secret file folders or a kid’s watch. Paging All Agents NowSomething is fishy about the coast of France, and it’s not about the seafood! There are some secret villains lurking by the seaside. We need the best of the best to go and check it out! Is your child up to the task?