Child Secret Agent Costume

Your child will be ready to solve any mysteries in this Child Secret Agent Costume. This kid’s spy costume is great for Halloween or play time!

Items Included
  • Trench coat
  • Dark glasses
  • Three Mustaches
  • 100% polyester
  • Trench coat Hook and Loop fasteners in front
  • Trench has faux pockets and an attachable belt


You felt a tickle of suspicion when you asked your kiddo what they wanted to be when they grew up and their answer was, “Why? Who’s been talking!?” Then, a moment later, that adorable tyke laughed it off and smiled and said, “Something every day, of course. How about something in the service industry? Everybody needs a window washer!” You walked away thinking, ‘Well, that was odd’ and, later, wondered a bit more about those enhanced vocabulary skills. Where did that kiddo pick those up!?And, perhaps, that’s when you knew that your little one, your precious little child who once played pretend games of being an astronaut or police officer had gone down the very dangerous road of the spy. Now, we understand that this is a trying time for you. Nobody is ready to learn that a loved one is a secret agent for a mysterious branch of the government or espionage agency. But, you’ve done the right thing. Accepting the aspirations of your children is an important part of parenting and, of course, you only aim for their safety.That’s why we’ve put together this perfect package to help maintain your kidlet’s secret identity while they are out scouting out the dangerous spots of the Candy Smugglers. This trench coat has an easy Hook and Loop fastener fastener and faux pockets with an attachable belt. Add in your choice of accessories, though we recommend the fake mustache, wide brimmed hat, and voice modulator. (The latter of which may be out of stock.) Now, just practice the song and watch your tyke bring in the Candy Criminals… and their pallet of goods.