TMNT Classic Raphael Kids Costume

Learn from your rat sensei and bust out of the sewers to fight crime in this TMNT Classic Raphael Kids Costume. The perfect way to bring back the 90s in full force.


Classic Cool RaphCool, but rude. Yes, that describes classic Raphael perfectly. He might steal the last piece of pizza and make a snarky comment about your latest post on social media, but he’ll always have your back when you’re in a pinch. Whether that means dropping by with a fresh pizza for movie night or kicking some Foot Soldier butt! It’s the one aspect of Raph’s character that they’ve kept consistent through every incarnation of the sai-wielding hero. Of course, our favorite version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle has to be from the 1980s cartoon! He’s the definition of classic cool.If your child wants to be classic cool, then it’s time for them to suit up in this officially licensed TMNT Classic Raphael Costume for kids. It’s inspired by the original cartoon series!Product DetailsThis kid’s costume is the easiest way to transform your child into their favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! The costume starts with a bright green jumpsuit that has Raph’s yellow turtle shell printed on the front. It also has his belt and “R” symbol on the front to help give it an authentic look from the 80s show. The costume also comes with printed red elbow and matching knee pads. The dark green shell in back really brings the whole look together! Of course, to fully transform into Raph, your child needs a mask and this TMNT costume conveniently comes with a molded mask that fits with an elastic band. Just slip it on and your child will be ready to tangle with Shredder and all of his henchmen!Sharing TMNT HistoryIf your child is a fan of classic cool, or if you just want to share one of your all-time favorite cartoons with your kid, then this Raphael costume is an easy choice!