Thunder Superhero Costume: Electrifying Dress-Up for All Ages

This sexy Thunder Superhero Costume lets you imagine that you can manipulate your density and absorb blows that would put anyone else down for the count!


Whenever we are pondering which superpower we might like to most have, it is easy to jump right to the simple act. Flying around or chucking bolts of energy? We can imagine ourselves performing those fantastic actions really easily and quickly move to which adventures we might be on. But, there is plenty more that we need to consider. What is our backstory? Where did we start? How did our powers manifest? Those origin tidbits are crucial! And, then, how about the specifics of the powers? How does our flight work!? Wings? Do we have psychic conversations with the force of gravity and ask that it quit being so demanding for a while? Is it merely the extension of our strength and ability to jump? Ha… naw, that last one sounds crazy.It is helpful to wrap up all our powers into a single theme… something that is easy enough to recognize and then name. Flight and energy control—let’s go with lightning since it is the fastest and probably the one that most quickly connects with serious power. Heck, this is energy you can hear for miles away! Flight and lightning adds up pretty quick to weather control.It is time to climb high into the skies and command lightning, thunder, winds, and water. Team up with some other superpowered friends in this Thunder Superhero costume and take full command of the elements of nature and weather. This jersey knit fabric and faux leather jumpsuit has an intimidating stand-up collar and a wet-look texture reminiscent of flying through clouds and downpour. The black satin cape fastens to the jumpsuit via buttons and has wrist straps so you can flare out the fabric when you’re ready to take to the skies and is edged with silver piping accents to give you the flashy look of lightning amidst the black skies. Take command of a new league of heroes because there is stormy weather on the horizon… or is that just you!?