The Adult Happy Cactus Costume

Stay hydrated as a cactus with the Adult Happy Cactus Costume. Protect your personal space bubble with your spiky green skin.

Items Included
  • Tunic
  • 100% polyester tunic, polyurethane foam
  • Pullover tunic has fiber fill in the cactus
  • Attached plastic pieces look like cactus spines
  • One size fits most


Natural GrowthYou’ve never had the greenest thumb. When your mom asked you to watch her plants while she was away, they dried up and turned brown pretty much as soon as you got near them. You tried to keep a spider plant alive, because a friend said it was easy, and you somehow managed to let it down before it even made it out of its cup of water and into a pot of soil.Then one day, you picked up a cactus. The prickly little guy seemed to be asking for a challenge and you wanted to try your hand at making something grow one more time. You paid a little more attention to it than most recommended, but you never over moistened the soil and made sure it got a proper amount of sunlight. With a bit of surprise, you watched that cactus flourish into a tall and straight stalk, it even sprouted two little buddies to keep it company.Product DetailsShow off your practiced hand with this Happy Cactus Costume for Adults. The tunic style costume is designed to look just like a proud cactus standing erect in its terracotta pot. Plastic spines are attached to the stiff green foam pullover to give the cactus a natural look while two smaller circular cactuses rest on either side of the main stalk. The costume is completed with an appliqued label that lets everyone know the exotic breed of cactus you were able to raise!Growing StrongSome people may not understand why you’re so proud of keeping a single cactus alive. But when they catch sight of this Happy Cactus Costume that represents the little guy you keep safe at home, they may just figure it out. Or at the very least, they may have a few ideas on how best to keep that member of your family growing for years to come.