Swashbucklin’ Scarlet Costume for Women

Be the Lady in Red when you wear this Swashbucklin’ Scarlet Costume for Halloween or a pirate theme party!


It is pretty common for a pirate’s reputation to spread from shore to shore when they use brutality and fear tactics. However, your name will sail across the ocean, not with the help of your actions at sea but due to your superior sense of fashion. As soon as any opposing force lays their eyes on you in this Swashbucklin’ Scarlet Costume, they’ll be high-tailing it out of your way!If you’re ready to be the most powerful maiden to sail the seven seas, it all starts with this outfit. Being a perfect balance of both classy and sassy, this costume will help your name claim plenty of fame this Halloween. Don’t be surprised when other aspiring seadogs seek you out and ask to join your crew. Just tell them all to walk the plank and continue to enjoy your night. After all, it will be Halloween and you need to show everyone that you’re not only the best-dressed pirate but also the best-dancing one as well! Grab yourself a pair of seductive boots to add to this guise to kick up some dust on the dance floor. We also think it may be a good idea to grab one of our pirate swords. You just never know when some lily-livered scoundrel is going to be looking for a fight. All we are sure of is that that grog-snarfing blowfish will regret the day he went up against the likes of you!We know you’re ready to be more than another Halloween harlot, so get your hands on this Swashbucklin’ Scarlet costume! You’ll be one of the most well-known and respected pirates of our time. Just make sure ye get yer sea legs before you set sail!