Super Troopers Adult Plus Size State Trooper Costume

Now you can become one of your favorite characters from the comedy with this exclusive Super Troopers with this Adult Plus Size State Trooper Costume. Available in 2X and 3X.


FOLLOW THE MONKEYIt seems that the quest for justice is never over for the Vermont officers. First, there were mysterious smugglers trafficking all sorts of illicit goods under the marker of the monkey. Then, it was all about avoiding border crossing for a mayor monkeying around with peculiar politics. This pattern can’t be ignored!  Who knows what may come with the Winter Soldiers of tomorrow, but we can be pretty sure what they’re up to in the meantime…Well, actually, we do have a little insight. Some of our in-house designers volunteer for the Vermont Troopers and come back with all sorts of stories. With all the pranks going on, especially with their newfound frenemies in the Royal Canadian Mounties, Mac and Ramathorn are going to need some extra help, and we’re not just talking about a ride-along. (You know… especially after things did not end so well with the last one. Sorry, Fred Savage!) DESIGN & DETAILSIt is time to join the team with this officially licensed State Trooper Costume from Super Troopers. Our own team of pranksters did their due diligence to create this high-quality look that will have you feeling ready to save your own team! Start with the short-sleeved shirt with shoulder accents and badge patches. Clip your gold police padge and choose which name tag you’ll show off between the five primary troopers. The tie and pants finish off the base look while the wide-brimmed black and gold hat mark you as a true Super Trooper!MUSTACHE FEVERNow, one last thing to consider for your Super Trooper look is what kind of mustache is right for you. Certainly, you don’t have to have one. But, you might want to bring in some mustache accessory options just to make sure that Cox takes you seriously. Then again, being taken seriously isn’t quite the mantra of the Troopers, is it!?