Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Jewelry Set: Embody the Mayhem

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn gold tone Jewelry Set features spiked bracelets and large choker with the word ‘PUDDIN’ designed into the necklace.


She may be a violent criminal and a member of the infamous Task Force X, but Harley Quinn is also a certified fashionista who knows how to rock some high-class jewelry. Yes, she uses a baseball bat to bash her enemies, but the former psychiatrist likes to deck herself out with lavish gems too. We guess you could say that this super villain likes having an expensive lifestyle!Harley Quinn doesn’t buy her jewelry though; she just breaks into stores and steals what she wants. However, we don’t want you breaking the law in order to have lavish accessories, so we’re going to hook you up with this affordable Suicide Squad Harley Quinn jewelry set. You’ll receive a gold “puddin” choker which uses Hook and Loop fastener to fasten around the neck and a pair of spiky gold cuff bracelets in this set. Pair this jewelry with a red and blue bomber jacket, some sparkly shorts, and a pair of fishnet tights for a look that is dangerously stylish, plus, you won’t have to break the law. That sounds like a pretty great deal to us!