Spruce Stegosaurus Infant Costume

Hear your kid roar in this Infant Spruce Stegosaurus Costume. This blue onesie with green spots is so cute, you won’t be able to keep your eyes off the little creature!

Items Included
  • Jumpsuit w/ Attached Booties
  • Headpiece
  • 100% super soft polyester costume
  • Full zipper down center front
  • Snap button closure along seam for easy diaper access
  • Headpiece has fiber filled head
  • Exclusive


An Emerging ConsensusSo, we’re sure you’re super educated on dinosaurs. From various trips to the museum, from documentaries, and of course, from action-packed summer blockbusters, too. Naturally, we wouldn’t be surprised if you mostly think of dinosaurs as being big, burly beasts who are rough and coarse and not all that friendly!And, really, that isn’t too far off the mark. Scientific studies conclude that they were pretty tough cookies. But, they weren’t born that way! Nope, no sir. We’ve got a source in the paleontology field who let us know that emerging research is showing that baby dinosaurs were quite cute, cuddly, and a whole lotta fun. It might not be bonafide scientific fact—yet—but the idea was enough to get our costume designers cooking up a brand new creation. This Infant Spruce Stegosaurus Costume!Design & DetailsThis stylish infant dinosaur costume is indeed Made by Us, designed and crafted right in our own HalloweenCostumes studios. When we sought out to design a softer, cuter baby dinosaur costume we wanted it to come in fleece. With plush features. And if it could come in pastels? Yeah, that’d be great! This costume checks all the boxes on our wishlist. It ‘s made of a minky fleece that’s soft and has a bit of stretch, and the fabric comes is a bright blue with a green tummy and spots. The hood is finished off with plush fiberfill and it even has eyes and a nose for Stegosaurus facial features. Plush spikes are attached on the back, too, of course, and they go all the way to the end of the cute and tiny stuffed tail.Use your dinosaur imagination!So, do we have your own dinosaur imagination cooking yet? We’re sure you’ll love having a baby dinosaur of your own when you pick up this Spruce Stegosaurus Costume. It’ll have your tot ready for super cute Instagram shots and it’ll have them all nice and snuggly for naptime, too!