Spiderman Far From Home Kids Red and Black Costume

Protect New York from evil with the Spider-Man Far From Home Spider-Man Kids Red and Black. Swing through the skyscrapers of New York City on the lookout for trouble.


Who Needs a Gondola? As much as we love Peter Parker, we have a hard time understanding a lot of his choices. We get that the kid might not want to work while he’s on his class trip but why wouldn’t he want to travel, spider style all over Europe? That would be so rad! Everyone who’s been to Venice has that classic selfie on the city’s canals but wouldn’t it be awesome to get a pic of yourself hanging off the bottom of the bridge, giving a pair of romancing tourists the fright of their lives? All those historical buildings have amazing, high up places that are closed to the public. But if Spiderman is climbing up the side of the building he can legitimately say that he didn’t see the sign. Man, now that we’re thinking about it, if we were Spiderman, we’d travel the world and become the ultimate Instagram influencers.Product DetailsThis Spidey suit will have your kiddo taking on the two-faced Mysterio as soon as it comes out of the package. Designed after the look that Peter created just for the European drama, this suit will make the Far From Home Spiderman movie come to life in your own home (without the earthquakes and destructive drones, that is). The black and red web-patterned jumpsuit has muscles built in with light-weight fiberfill. Covering the whole head, the mask lets your child fully get into character while retaining limited vision. Polish the look off with boot covers and your child will be ready to safe the neighborhood, the universe, or simply go trick-or-treating, whichever happens to come up first!On the JobThe kind of selfish thinking in the first part of this description is why we simply aren’t cut out to be this superhero. We can’t handle the great responsibility that comes with great power. Think your child understands the importance of taking on the baddies? Put it to the test when you secure the newest Spider suit out there!