Slit Throat FX Makeup Applique

You can’t go around cutting people, but this Slit Throat Applique will let you make it look like you can. This special makeup effect is sure to impress.

Items Included
  • Latex Wound Appliance
  • Packet of Adhesive
  • Packet of Fake Blood
  • Instructions
  • Natural latex wound measures approx. 6″ long
  • Application and removal instructions included in package
  • Appliance has feathered edges for realistic appearance


Missing the Ribbon We love Halloween and we’re always trying to bring your favorite stories to life. Now, obviously you know about the old story of the woman with the ribbon around her neck. You know… the one where she meets a young lad and they start a relationship but she’s always wearing the ribbon. He asks and asks, but all she says is that she can’t take it off. She begs her lover never to ever take the ribbon off! And, of course, what happens? Well, soon as that ribbon is removed, the lovely lady goes and dies because it was holding on her head! Product DetailsWell, we’d love to help you bring that whole legend to life but we cannot for the life of us remember where we put the magical ribbon! All we have is the terrible wound that the ribbon hides. We know that you’ll enjoy this Slit Throat Applique because of its artful quality. The kit includes instructions for how to apply the special effect makeup and make it look like you’re a victim of something terrible!Just an Urban LegendYou can create all sorts of costume moments with this Slit Throat Applique. But, if you manage to find a ribbon to tie around your neck, you can even bring the story of the Woman and the Ribbon to life!