Shaggy Sheep Dog Adult Costume

Get your best dog impressions ready for when you wear this exclusive Shaggy Sheep Dog Adult Costume this Halloween. This costume features a white shaggy fabric jumpsuit with attached hood and dog ears.

Items Included
  • Hooded Jumpsuit w/ Attached Mitts
  • Pair of Shoe Covers
  • 100% polyester
  • Shaggy jumpsuit has back zipper and attached headpiece
  • Sleeves have attached paws with opening by the wrist so you can wear them or not
  • Tail extends 19″ long
  • Shoe covers have elastic band
  • Exclusive


Dog’s Best FriendYou’ve just adopted a cuddly Sheepdog puppy named Bartholomew (Bartie, for short)! Congrats! Dogs are the best-ever companions, even though they’re also a lot of work. Within hours of bringing Bartie home, you two have bonded. He watches TV with you, he sleeps by your side, and he loves to go anywhere with you. They say dogs are “man’s best friends,” but watching you and Bartie, it seems like you’re both really loyal to one another! So you were disappointed to hear that Bartie couldn’t come to the office Halloween party—naturally, you had a great costume picked out for him. Don’t let the office policy ruin the Bartie bliss you’re enjoying in life; in fact, use this opportunity to dress in this Shaggy Sheep Dog Adult Costume and learn a bit more about your new bestie! In this costume, you can get a firsthand understanding of Bartie’s life so that you can be an even better friend to your new buddy. And of course, you can still stash a few snacks in a napkin to take home to him, so he doesn’t miss out on all the treats!Design & DetailsThis outfit isn’t quite as fun as a day off with Bartie, but it’s a close second! It’s a fuzzy white jumpsuit, and turns your feet and hands into paws, just like your pup! There’s a fluffy white tail in the back, as well a hood with floppy ears. We can’t guarantee that this costume will improve your hearing or sense of smell, nor will it make it more comfortable to sleep on a hard floor, but it will infuse your costume party with coziness and a clever connection to your new pet!Creature ComfortsLife is all about joy these days, and Bartie is a big part of that. Bring him to the office party in spirit with this spunky jumpsuit that proves your devotion to your new furry friend!