Pickle the Pug Critter Cap

Wear your favorite pug dog with the Pickle the Pug Critter Cap.

Items Included
  • Hat


SAFARI IN THE DOG PARKIt has been three weeks since you’ve set up your observation area at the dog park.  Countless breeds have come and gone, chased down balls, sniffed each other… even a few brief altercations in canine dominance that were quickly dismissed with the appearance of “the treats.” All this time, you have been frequently approached.  The powerful sniffers of these dogs are impossible to overcome.  How can you ever “be one with the pack” and observe them in their natural habitat if they flock to you as a human being!? PRODUCT DETAILSThe answer is simple!  You need a disguise powerful enough to make you blend into the canine world but one that still lets you move around for your human needs.  This Pickle the Pug Critter Cap is the perfect answer.  Wear this comfortable baseball cap that features the smiling mug of the most innocuous of doggy breeds.  Scratch those soft sculpted ears as though they’re your own and channel your inner pupper! ADOPTED INTO THE PACKYou’ll be one with the doggos in no time when you are wearing this Critter Cap.  Fool them all from the cleverest lab to the most stubborn bulldog.  Just beware of the rest of the humans.  They’ll want to give you treats!  Let’s just say, while they are edible, they’re not always the tastiest!