Rocket Raccoon Movable Jaw Faux Fur Mask: Cosplay Authenticity

This Rocket Raccoon Movable Jaw Faux Fur Mask will have you looking like your favorite Guardians of the Galaxy character.


Rocket Raccoon is one resourceful little fur ball! He can cook up a plan for any sticky situation that the Guardians of the Galaxy find themselves in. Why, if he wanted to look like his favorite superhero, he’d probably just dig into his bag full of gadgets to find the materials to make a mask.Unfortunately, not all of us have a bag full of tools and the knowhow to help us just whip up a costume from spare parts and we’re guessing that Rocket is your favorite superhero, right?  That’s where this Rocket Raccoon mask comes in handy. It’s based after Rocket’s look from the Marvel movies and it has a pretty realistic look. And the best part is that you don’t have to do anything crazy to get it! Just add it to your cart, wait a few days and then a package with this awesome mask will be waiting at your door!