Purple Gloves for Adults: Fashionable and Functional Accessories

Add this pair of purple gloves to a superhero costume or to finish your grape costume! These basic gloves are available in a rainbow of colors


Everyone loves a good ole fashion pair of gloves. They’re perfect for keeping you warm, they normally give you a better grip, and, best of all, they hide the fact that you have human hands. Usually letting your fleshy hands sway back and forth is no big deal but on Halloween, they are costume killers. How can you be a convincing bunch of grapes or a crazy colored gorilla with regular boring hands? Grab this pair of Purple Gloves and you can save your zany illusion.Run around as the coolest grape or go bananas on the dance floor as a purple ape and never worry about people pointing out your lack of handwear. Maybe you’re a crazy clown and purple suits are your thing. Well, these affordable gloves will be the perfect accessory for keeping your fingerprints away from the crime scenes. Get your hands in a pair of these stretchy gloves today and perfect your Halloween costume!