Power Lady Costume for Women: Embrace Empowering Style

Relive the famous 1970s superhero with this Women’s Power Lady Costume. Features bracelets and headpiece.


New Hero in TownOh, what’s that? You’ve never heard of Power Lady? Well, let us tell you about her. She’s the ultra-powerful superhero who kicks serious bad guy butt. She’s saved the world on more than one occasion! Sure, her name is pretty derivative and unoriginal, but what’s important is that she’s a snazzy dresser with some pretty awesome powers. What’s that? You want to know what superpowers she has? Oh, don’t you worry about that! We’re pretty sure that she has all of the good ones. You know, like super strength, super agility, and expert level sword skills. She has all of those. You want to know if she has an invisible what, now? Definitely not. Hey, what’s with the interrogation here? She’s totally an original character and doesn’t resemble any other superhero around!Product DetailsIf you want to be like Power Lady, then you’re going to need this Women’s Power Lady Costume. It comes with a romper that has 3 different sections to give you a truly heroic style. The bust is a bright, metallic red material, complete with gold along the bust. The bottoms are blue with plenty of white stars. The romper stretches for a form fit and comes with a waist cincher to help adjust the fit. It’s metallic gold and cinches with lace-up ribbon in the back to adjust the tightness of the fit. The costume also comes with a gold headband with a red star in the front, along with a pair of matching wrist cuffs to finish off your brand new superhero style.The Liberty TeamListen, we don’t know where you got this idea that Power Lady is like other superheroes out there! Well, she’s not. Alongside Amazing Man and Really Fast Guy, she’s a founding member of The Liberty Team. All you need is this wondrous costume to look exactly like her!