Poop Emoji Sunstaches Sunglasses

Tell everyone how you feel in these unique Poop Emoji Sunstaches Sunglasses. They also make a great accessory or gift idea for that special person!

Items Included
  • Sunglasses
  • Poop Emoji Sunstaches Sunglasses
  • Shatter-resistant smoky lenses in plastic frames
  • Provides 100% UV protection


Popular PooPoop is in. We’re not sure why, but everyone seems to be in love with poo. Maybe it’s because he looks so happy, or maybe it’s because he looks a little like a swirl of soft serve chocolate ice cream. Whatever the reason is, that little brown emoji is everywhere these days. He’s in your text messages, on your instant messenger, and on your social media. We have to admit that we kind of like the little guy!If you’re still on the fence about him, maybe you just need a little perspective. Maybe you just need to walk a mile in the Poop Emoji’s shoes to appreciate who he is!Product DetailsThese Poop Emoji Sunstaches Sunglasses will help you feel like one happy piece of doo doo! The front of the sunglasses are molded to look like the iconic swirled Poop Emoji. He even has his huge eyes and his goofy smile. The lenses have full UV protection and are made of shatter resistance materials.UV Protection in Doo Doo styleThis pair of sunglasses is great for anyone who’s enamored by the Poop Emoji, or anyone who just wants to protect their eyes from the sun in doodie style!