Pokemon Adult Charmander Plus Szie Kigurumi

Charmander use BLAZE! Blaze your way in comfort with this Pokemon Adult Charmander Plus Size Kigurumi. The perfect comfy costume for Halloween, or for just lounging around.


As Warm as a Fire-TypeWe come from Minnesota. You know, that place to the far north of the U.S.A. that’s covered in snow most days of the year. It’s safe to say that we know all about chilly days! That’s why we choose the fire-type Pokemon in every game that comes out. We just love the idea of having a best buddy who can help us keep warm whenever the temperature drops below zero. So, of course, Charmander was our main dude during the days of Red and Blue!Unfortunately, it’s kind of tough to find Pokemon in real-life. We’ve tried talking to local professors about finding them and we’ve spent plenty of time crawling around in tall grass (when the weather permits it). We still haven’t found a fire-type Pokemon to help us stay cozy. The good news is that we did discover this Plus Size Pokemon Charmander Kigurumi!Product DetailsThis Charmander Kigurumi is a Japanese-style pajama costume that’s officially licensed from the Pokemon video games. It comes with a plus size jumpsuit made out of an ultra-soft fleece material, perfect for keeping warm and cozy on chilly nights. The mellow orange color and the cream-colored tummy recreate the style of the best fire-type of the original bunch, Charmander. It has snaps in front, so slipping into this cozy pajama suit is a breeze. The hood has Charmander’s adorable face on top, complete with embroidered anime-style eyes and a little nose. You can wear it for your next slumber party, or you can use it to keep cozy as you cosplay as your favorite starter Pokemon.Catch ‘Em AllWhether you’re trying to catch a cool Pokemon, or if you just want to catch some zzz’s, this adorable Charmander pajama set is the comfy way to do it!